OUR MISSION:  To provide expert BIKE FIT SOLUTIONS, Cycling and Triathlon Services:  Bike FIT, Mechanical Services, Bike Sales, and Performance Training. 

OUR PLEDGE:  We understand you train hard and demand expertise and attention to details.  We strive to exceed those expectations.  Why?  It’s simple; we are out there at the start lines with you.  It’s that attention to detail that we demand for ourselves. 

TRIFORMANCE is unique in our approach to satisfying you.   Our service is by appointment only.   This guarantees that when you are here, you have our undivided attention.  It allows us to offer you the highest in Quality Service - unlike any service you have ever experienced before.

Please browse our website and contact us to answer any questions you may have.

Our expertise is designed for athletes of every level, from the recreational cyclist to professional athletes.

Quality and unparalleled Service, 100% of the time, is my personal pledge to You.


WES, Owner and Founder

  Our Cycling and Multisport services include:


USA Cycling Certified CoachUSAT Certified Coach


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